A Smarter Water Treatment Biocide


Cheaper. Better. Easier.


Justeq07 was pioneered by a cooling water treatment specialist and is covered by multiple international patents. The inventor, Dr. Sang-Hea "Justin" Shim, has 30 years of industry experience, a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, and spent 10 years working in the cooling water R&D department of a major U.S. water treatment chemical company in Illinois prior to moving to Korea to start his own water treatment business.

Justeq now has nearly 100 different customers, including some of the largest water treatment companies in the nation. And Justeq07 is used in thousands of cooling towers across the country. Furthermore, after water treaters begin using Justeq07, they're hooked, and stop using any competitor products. Once our customers see how much money they can save by switching to Justeq07, how clean their towers can be, and how easy Justeq07 is to use, the other products just cannot compete.