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Justeq07 is an oxidizing biocide that is cheaper to use, more effective, and easier to feed than any other biocide. 

Until now, water treatment providers have had to rely on inferior chlorine bleach or stabilized bromine products. The problem with both of these is that they are so oxidizing that they burn off on the surface of slime formations and never get through the entire mass. So we've had to live with inefficient heat transfer surfaces, or have had to use expensive and toxic non-oxidizing biocides.  

Justeq07's unique and revolutionary chemistry penetrates into slime masses that bleach and other oxidizers leave behind, forming bromine from within to kill and breakup the slime. This leads to much cleaner heat-transfer surfaces and much more efficient processes, all while saving you money. Because it is less oxidizing, the benefits of Justeq07 are nearly endless: it is much less corrosive; is much more compatible with other supplemental chemicals (even yellow metal corrosion inhibitors); has a shelf life of over a year; barely gases; does not delignify wood; and has a low odor. 

Furthermore, because of its chemistry, Justeq07 is uniquely effective in contaminated water. Systems that have process leak, ammonia contamination, organics contamination, or that use grey water can struggle with bio-control, or have to use a lot of chlorine. Justeq07 is the solution.  It will save you money on biocide costs while giving you a clean system. Customers have saved tens of thousands of dollars on biocide costs alone, and have brought problematic systems completely under control.  




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Benefits of Justeq07

cheaper to use than bleach

Because Justeq07 is so much more stable, you will only need as little as 1/10 of the amount that would need of bleach. That, in addition to the cost-efficient way that Justeq07 is manufactured, means that you can actually save money by switching over to Justeq07, even if you are currently using only bleach. If you are using any supplemental non-oxidizing biocides, or if you are mixing in bromide in-line, the savings are even more significant. 

More Effective biocidal control

Justeq07's formulation allows its components to penetrate into slime masses and create bromine from within. The bromine then breaks up the slime masses, leaving ultra-clean surfaces for maximum heat transfer. This leads to more output and savings in utility costs.

less corrosive than any other oxidizer

Because Justeq07 is so much less oxidizing than any other oxidizing biocide, it is much less corrosive. Also, because you can maintain a clean system while using much less, this leads to an even further reduction in corrosivity of the bulk water. The result is your equipment and infrastructure is much less vulnerable and protected.   


compatible with supplemental chemicals

Justeq07 will not decompose other supplemental chemicals, such as scale and corrosion inhibitors. In fact, Justeq07 is so compatible that it will not even decompose tolyltriazole.  Not only does this mean that the supplemental chemicals will be more effective, but you save significant costs because you do not have to add additional supplemental chemicals to make-up for the product that has decomposed.  


Whether your struggle to maintain bio-control is due to process leak contamination, grey water usage, ammonia contamination, organics, or pH, Justeq07 is the solution. Because Justeq07 creates bromine within slime masses, it is much less affected by any contamination in the bulk water. Try it on your most problematic systems, and you'll be amazed at the results. 

a host of other benefits

Because of Justeq07's unique composition, it has a host of additional benefits compared to other oxidizing biocides. It gasses much less, which means less gas lock. It smells much less than competitor products. It has a product life of over one year. Contact us to learn more about all of the ways Justeq07 can benefit you.



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